Breastfeeding the gap between the Art and the Science of Birth!

But… breastfeeding doesn’t  always just happen “naturally”. Most women need
education, and support, and that is why Prenatal Breastfeeding classes are a great
My classes are designed to help you gather the information you need to be successful
the tools you need to  bestow confidence.
If you and your baby desire a more personal setting than going to a clinic, and more
time  with your concerns, you may schedule private consultation with a LC such as
Tess Johnson (see below).

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife, a Certified Lactation Education Counselor, and a
mom of three
Breastfed children. I have worked out of the home with all three, so I am knowledgeable
the unique challenges faced by moms who must return to work.
Come and join me, and learn how your body really is made for feeding your baby, and
your baby in the closest way possible… by breastfeeding!

Some of the items covered in a 2-21/2 hour session
Just why is breast best?, Risks of artificial baby milk, Divine design, Maternal nutrition,
Myths, Health benefits for mom and baby.
How the breast makes milk, Will I make enough?,  Exactly what is in Breast milk….. And
it’s unique to your baby!,  How will I know if my baby is getting enough?.
Getting started : the ABC’s of position and latch ( aka, how to do it right so it doesn’t
hurt!!), Common concerns and special challenges, Reading my baby’s cues, How DAD
Working and breastfeeding, Pumping and storage, Medications and breastfeeding,
out and about,  Products that make life easier, Support and Resources.

As a mom, I know that learning how to breast feed before the baby gets here is a great
to start, and for many mothers, things go well from day one. But what about after the
gets here?? The session on support and resources will give you a few ideas on how to
support…. But most moms need woman to woman, face to face support.

A WONDERFUL resource in the Central Valley is
Tess Johnson RN IBCLC
Tess Johnson Lactation Services
PHONE: (559) 905-6635
She does in-home consultation, support groups, and rents pumps!!!
One of Beautiful
Breastfed babies!
Another of my
BF  Babies~~