Lamaze Classes the gap between the Art and the Science of Birth!

Sat classes now
available. They are held
Quan's Bushido-Kai
Dojo and are $200 for
the 12 hour/3 Sat
series. This gets you,
your partner, and any
other support people
you wish to bring t learn
about normal birth.
Please include you
name, due date, contact
info and class date you
are registering for. If
you do not wish to use
PayPal please call for
further guidance.

Why take classes from me?
I teach privately and am not paid by a hospital or doctors office, therefore I can
teach you all that Lamaze has to offer.
My course content covers all six of the Lamaze Care practices and includes how to
get evidence based care from your provider, positions that enhance progress, and the
benefits/risks of intervention in physiologic birth.
These classes fulfill the true Lamaze vision!

Why choose Lamaze?
Lamaze is not all “about breathing” anymore!!
You will learn how your body and baby work together to make labor happen,
and what you can do to help each other along the way!
You and your birth partner will learn ways to help you cope with the work of
Labor and to welcome Normal Birth.
But the most important thing you will learn ...... is about options and choices!!!!!

Some of the topics covered :
* Normal labor, birth, and postpartum.
*Positions to facilitate  normal progress.
* Comfort measures and relaxation skills
*Labor support techniques for your partner.
*Communication skills for the pregnant family
that are useful with their Health care team.
* Problems that could occur and skills to
recognize and possibly avoid interventions that
you do not desire!
* The knowledge you need to help you make
Informed choices about your labor and Birth.
* Breastfeeding, newborn care and  Baby wearing Basics.

Trust Birth!
Trust your Body!

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