Birth Doula the gap between the Art and the Science of Birth!

What's a DOULA??
For centuries, women have been attended to in birth       
by other women.
The knowledge, security and comfort that the Doula                    
brings to the laboring woman is priceless.
The word Doula is Greek for “woman
servant’, but today, the word has come to mean a
woman who is trained and experienced in the art of
Labor Support. A Doula knows that Birth is a normal
and blessed event, and a memory that the family will
make and keep for a lifetime. Doulas improve birth
evidence based studies have been done that show
this. Based on 6 randomized studies of over
1500 women, the presence of a Doula :
reduces overall cesarean rate by 50%
reduces length of labor by 25%
reduces oxytocin (Pitocin) use by 40%
reduces use of pain medications by 30%
reduces the need for forceps by 40%
reduces requests for epidurals by 60%

These are taken from  
"Mothering the Mother ....How a Doula can help you have a shorter,
easier and healthier birth"
by Marshall H. Klauss, MD;  John H. Kennel, MD; and Phyliss H.
Klauss, M.Ed,  CSW
page 51   Addison- Wesley Publishing Company

For more information about Doulas, contact DONA

I am not a Doula any longer, I am a Nurse Midwife.
I leave this page up for families to learn about Doulas.
There are MANY new Doulas, and they are some awesomely
passionate, educated ladies that are up and coming!
Please don't dismiss their services based solely on experience.
If I am their mentor I am only a phone call away for advice and          
support, and hands on help if they need it.

For local Las Vegas Doulas try:
Well Rounded Mama Doulas