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Marie Santos CD(DONA) LLLI Peer Counselor
By phone:(559) 579-1252

Marie Santos is one of our younger Doulas in the Central Valley and has been very busy! I            
welcome her to the profession and I am pleased and proud to mentor her in her journey.
Marie is taking her own clients as well as assisting me when I need back up. Her first year out as     
Doula has gained her much experience and I don't consider her "new" anymore!!,
Marie brings with her knowledge, passion, and wisdom that I would expect to find in a much more      
experienced Doula!!
"I have been married since January 2007 to my wonderful husband Efrain and we've been growing    
closer ever since. Our  marriage has been blessed with  the birth of our son, Efrain Zechariah,       
My passion in life (other than raising my family) is to provide professional labor services to            
families and to women like yourself. As a woman who has given birth , I believe it is one of the         
most awesome events God has especially created for women. Education and continuous                
support   are the keys to achieving a natural birthing experience. I encourage you to read through    
this web site. E me or call me if you have a question that isn't answered here, or just want to           
chat about something relevant to your pregnancy, labor or postpartum -"

Other Doulas I know and LOVE!!!
Call them, or go to their websites for more info!
 Several of them do back up for me as well.

Kathryn DiPalma, CD(DONA)

Amy Dueck, CD(DONA)
Birth and
postpartum doula                                                

Natalie Farmer CD(DONA)